Starting CW

As the stated purpose of my blog is low-cost/homebrew, I’ve found that a lot of simple and cheap projects are expressly for CW. Voice is a lot more complex for homebrew. So, I’ve had growing interest in learning morse code, but I haven’t found a good training program for Linux. Aldo seg faults. GtkMMorse seems like it may be good, but I didn’t feel like it was as clear as it could be. I was reading the article A Dialogue with a Reader from KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog and his reader mentioned as his resource for learning CW. This was the aha! moment that I needed. a very configurable web app that allows you to adjust not only the keying speed, but also the spacing. This is very helpful for a beginner. It can be difficult to here the separation between characters at first, and, at least with me, there is a delay in my recall of the letter. This pause compensates for that delay so I don’t miss letters and start to freak out and miss more letters.

On my Android devices, I use an app call Morse Mentor. It is free and a lot of the same features as LCWO, but I can use it on the go with or without Internet access.