Transformative Healing

​Transformative Healing sessions with Alexis are truly a unique experience, often described by her clients as “some sort of fairy magic”. 

It begins with a conversation with your body.  Using intuition, her energetic sensitivities, and advanced diagnosis techniques, Alexis is able to hear where the noise is in your body and start the process of clearing, untying the knot that is keeping you from experiencing the health and vitality you are meant to have. 

Most sessions start with Neuro-lymphatic Manipulation, and may include any number of advanced techniques including Moxibustion, non-insertive needle techniques, clearing energy patterns, and herbal and supplement recommendations.  

Often people come to Alexis after not seeing results with other practitioners or protocols.  Frequently in these cases the ground work has already been laid, and with the noise cleared, the current protocols start to become more effective. 

Alexis sees her part as a channel for the energy to come through to allow physical and spiritual healing to occur.