Neuro-Lymphatic Manipulation

“Health is life energy in abundance.

Julia H Sun

Neuro-lymphatic Manipulation is the process of clearing harmful pathogens in our bodies in order to improve vitality and create a pathway for healing.

Pathogens can include harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. Some pathogens, like candida, are naturally occurring in our bodies. Others, like fungus and mold, occur in our environment. While still others, like viruses, can be passed from person to person with a simple sneeze, or from insects, like from a mosquito bite.
A body with a healthy immune system automatically regulates these and keeps things in check: healthy glut flora is maintained and candida levels stay in check; mold may be just a brief visitor in our respiratory system and is easily flushed out.

But when our immune system is compromised – often by Western practices such as overuse of antibiotics, chronic stress, or poor dietary choices – our body can no longer regulate these pathogens on its own. As a result: candida flourishes and is allowed to grow unchecked; mold digs in and puts down roots deep into our body; viruses take up residence and replicate.

With these pathogens allowed to take root and flourish, it creates a physical and energetic noise that blocks our body from full healing. We are unable to fully absorb nutrients or supplements. We lose touch with how our body is supposed to feel when functioning optimally. Our baseline for health and vitality becomes lower and lower. All your health efforts may feel like they are going nowhere, as if an unseen force is digging a hole as you are trying to fill it.

Symptoms can manifest in our bodies differently from person to person based on our own personal susceptibility and what we may be predisposed to genetically.
The goal of Neuro-Lymphatic Manipulation is to clear away the noise – to remove the “unnecessary Chi” that is causing disturbances in your body and keeping you from reaching your full potential for health and vitality. Once the noise has been cleared way, you’ll often notice that the efficacy of your existing protocols are enhanced. Your endocrine system comes back online. Your body is able to absorb more nutrients and supplements become more effective.

Given the powerful nature of this work, it is often the first line of treatment in both Acupuncture and Transformative Healing sessions.