Moxibustion is the practicing of applying “moxa”, or warmed mugwort, to acupressure points along your body’s energy meridians to gently clear blocks that prevent your chi from flowing more fully. It enhances the use of the needles in a gentle and nourishing way that brings vitality to the area it is applied to. The body takes in the medicine of the burning of the herb to increase circulation, boost immune system functioning, and promote healing.
In the Japanese language, the character for Acupuncture consists of two other characters: the first one meaning “needle” or “pin” and the second one meaning “moxibustion”, illustrating that this practice is as essential to an Acupuncture treatment as the use of needles.

The use of moxa is a specialized skill offered only by highly trained practitioners. Alexis has spent years training and perfecting her technique so that she can offer this essential piece of Acupuncture to those that seek treatment.