Hari Acupuncture

​Hari Acupuncture was refined in Japan by blind practitioners whose loss of sight provided for a highly developed capacity to sense the movement of the body’s subtle energies.  Hari Acupuncture sessions are characterized by this highly energetic and intuitive approach and by a much gentler nature due to the use of finer needles.

Hari Acupuncture is like a conversation between the practitioner and your body and energy system.  Your body has its own language to share where energy may be flowing or where there may be deficiencies or blocks.  During a session, Alexis uses her heightened energetic sensitivity and refined diagnosis techniques to listen to the nuances of your body and interpret its unique language.  She is then able to direct treatment based on how your body is expressing itself that day.  Specific protocols are still used to treat specific symptoms, as in traditional Acupuncture, but as a secondary level of treatment once your body’s unique expression is listened to, acknowledged and treated. 

Hari is also characterized by a much gentler approach with needle insertion.  The needles are much finer – about half the width of traditional needles – and are inserted much more shallowly into the skin.  The shallow insertion is equally as effective as the needle informs the deeper layers of tissue while also providing a gentle, pain-free experience.  Non-insertive, needle-free techniques can are also be used as the blunt Teuton needle can influence the body through its energy field. 

Whereas in traditional Acupuncture sessions, patients are left to rest on their own with the inserted needles, during a Hari treatment, Alexis is present and actively working on your energy body throughout the session.   She moves between diagnosis techniques, such as Pulse and Abdominal Diagnosis, and moving energy through your body.  This allows her to discern how the movement of energy is affecting your health and well-being as it is occurring.