Distance Healing

​Alexis is pleased to offer Distance Healing Sessions which can be facilitated over the phone or through Zoom. Much like an in-person session, Alexis begins a conversation with your body and its subtle energy systems. Using her heightened intuitive abilities and energetic sensitivities, Alexis can go directly to where the “noise” is in your body that may be preventing you from achieving optimal health. Often this means clearing pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold from your body using neuro-lymphatic manipulation. Clearing these pathogens creates a pathway for healing to occur and vitality to be restored to your body.

Alexis also brings her background in Acupuncture and herbal medicine into these sessions, often making nutritional, herbal and supplement recommendations based on any blocks or deficiencies that she perceives in your body’s energy systems. Her recommendations empower you to continue your healing well beyond your session with specific actionable steps you can take.

Just as with her in-person Acupuncture and Transformational Healing sessions, Alexis believes her greatest gift is to act as a channel for healing to occur and to teach, empower, and connect her clients with their own intuition and healing abilities.

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes and are by donation. Adults and children of all ages may benefit from Distance Healing Sessions.