Clearing Energetic Patterns

As we move through our lives, life events evoke emotions – some that feel good, others that don’t. We are rarely taught how to process those emotions that don’t feel good, how to allow ourselves to fully feel and be present with them so that they can pass through our bodies. So instead we suppress them, we take them on. Our bodies feel the results of a life-time of collected emotions and the beliefs that may be associated to them. The energetic presence of these emotions and beliefs lives in our bodies until we learn how to process and clear them in healthy ways.

Alexis helps her clients become aware of when these energetic patterns are present and impacting their health and vitality. It’s always a choice – Do you still want to hold onto this? Are you ready to let this go?

When the answer is “yes”, Alexis clears the noise these energetic patterns have been imprinting on you so that you can step more confidently into the fullest expression of who you are.