Often when we seek a practitioner for healing it is because we have an immediate need or a problem with our body that we want fixed… maybe a pain in our back, headaches, or an extended period of GI issues.  We look for that practitioner to “heal us”, to make our problem go away, so we can get on with our life already!  

What if we approached healing from a different perspective?  What if we see the opportunity that lies within every ache, every symptom and even within a healing crisis?  What if we recognized all pain and discomfort as our body trying to get our attention? Our bodies are always talking to us.  Are you listening? 

Through her healing practice, Alexis facilitates this conversation, helping you come home to your body and connecting you to what’s possible for your life and your health. Alexis has created a unique toolkit that includes her strong knowledge of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, her heightened intuition and ability to read the body’s energy, and advanced study and apprenticeships in Neuro-lymphatic Manipulation, Moxibusion, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Supplements, and Spirituality.  She pulls from this toolkit, combining Science and Spirit, to speak with your body and help you achieve transformational results in your health. 

Through the healing process, Alexis empowers you to trust your inner knowing and take responsibility for your health.  By clearing away the noise – the unnecessary Chi – she teaches you to listen to your body, to learn its unique language, and to find and follow your own center. 

With compassion and a steady presence, Alexis guides you as you move through physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and facilitates the connection back to what’s possible – a new baseline for health and vitality, feeling more at home in your body, a greater connection to Life, and stepping into a fuller version of who you are.   ​

About Alexis

“They called me the ‘little nurse’ growing up.  I was always taking care of others.  I’d frequently wind up with stray dogs, baby birds and bunnies or once an orphaned goat to take care of.  One of my earliest memories is crawling underneath my Great Grandpa’s trailer where there were the tiniest kittens.  I’d hand them to him so he could clean their eyes and check them over.
Taking care of others feels natural and like what I’m supposed to be doing.
~ Alexis Alexander, LAc

Alexis smiling on a bridge



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